i’m happy to announce that m.press cards has had a facelift and now has a newly designed website! head on over right now to check it out.

also, we are leaving wordpress, as the new blog now resides on our website!! bookmark it now to follow!



cari m. rankin


well it’s about that time…time for an update to the website!! yes, you heard right – mpresscards.com is getting a facelift and i’ve never been more inspired than now!! it’s going to take awhile to get it exactly how i want it, but i plan on having my 2010 holiday card collection as the first thing to be updated!

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i’ll keep updating with the progress!! thank you to all who support m.press. it means more to me than you will ever know.

cari m. rankin

happy tuesday all! i know  it’s the end of september, but it’s NEVER too early to start taking family photos for this years holiday cards!

today i’m featuring photos taken by my wonderful boyfriend, aric, who just started aric holmes photography {blog coming soon}! when we were in norman over labor day, we stopped by the tontz residence and aric took photos of their 3 adorable children: ellis, jeremiah + scarlett, as well as their labrador jessie.

be looking for more adorable photos when i post my 2010 holiday cards!

jcrew has always had fantastic ad campaigns. and when they started designing kids clothes, i knew their creativity would flourish. check out how adorable these kids are – and these clothes!! this has been some inspiration for me for this year’s holiday cards!

i’ve finally gotten around to ordering an accent chair for our living room! and i’m so excited. my mom found this adorable white chair online and she’s going to make me a pillow out of the adorable pink fabric featured below! {isnt’ that pink patten wonderful? i’m loving bold modern designs these days, and i’ve been using them for invitations!} i can not wait until it ties the room together! 


here is a picture of the chair in an entryway – i wish this was my entryway!

i will have photos to post when it’s all done!

i’m in norman this weekend for labor day! can’t wait to visit friends + family and eat at some of my favorite spots i’ve been missing! have a great weekend!

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