August 2010

a couple of weeks ago i went to santa monica and stayed at the fabulous HUNTLEY hotel, just a block away from the pacific ocean. it had tremendous detail and was one of the nicest places i’ve ever stayed. their branding is great too; i love the pop of tiffany’s blue.

where modern beachside glamour meets casual urban chic…offering dramatic views of the ocean, city, and mountains, THE HUNTLEY hotel redefines southern california cool with a striking new look. combining the ultimate tranquility of a beachside retreat with a uniquely urban vibe, our california beach hotel is the perfect blend of city and sea, casual and chic, sophisticated and whimsical.


unfortunately the pictures from the actual shrimp boil got deleted off the computer before saving – so sadly i won’t be able to share the fun we had. on another note, check out the menu place card and sign i created for the dinner! each person got their own menu card with their name on it!

on sunday night, we had my aunt and uncle over for an end of the summer shrimp boil! i had a blast making all the food, but the most fun part was decorating the outside!! here are a few shots in the afternoon before the feast began!

in the next few days i’ll have pictures up of my menu + the feast!!

how darling are these vintage tickets? this would be such a great idea to use at a wedding reception – maybe use them everytime you go into the photo booth? it would also be cute to custom design it with the bride & groom’s initials on it and date of their wedding!

sorry i’ve been MIA lately! it’s been so crazy and busy ever since i got back from san diego – but i promise to post about my trip and other design works i’ve been up to lately!

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no more posts this week! i’m headed off to san diego and santa monica to visit one of my best friends, and my most recent guest blogger, christy mabrey!! i can’t wait to see the beach, have great food and hang out! have a great week all!

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awhile ago i found this amazing idea through greylikesweddings. custom labels on beer bottles! i saved this thinking i could use this one day. {you can see staci’s labels over on her blog here.}

as i was researching ideas for aric’s birthday (which was yesterday), i thought, what better way than to make him some custom labels for bottles of beer! a creative + inexpensive birthday present. {sidenote – i didn’t just get him beer, he did have other gifts as well}

first, i ordered these labels from paper source. have you all been to paper source? great resource for paper + gifts as well! remember the moleskine? i got that gorgeous paper from them.

next, i started designing the labels. i had 2 designs i liked, so i decided to use both and make them cohesive. but it was missing something. all that i had on there was “happy birthday, august 1, 2010” and “happiest of days.” brainstorm.brainstorm.brainstorm. yes! i will put funny quotes from the movie “the hangover” on them because we quote it all the time! voila – an idea born. after finding my favorite 18 quotes, i added them to the labels, put “hangover brewing company” on it and printed them out! here they are in all their glory…

if you have more questions about this diy project, or want custom labels for your next event, please contact