happy tuesday all! i know¬† it’s the end of september, but it’s NEVER too early to start taking family photos for this years holiday cards!

today i’m featuring photos taken by my wonderful boyfriend, aric, who just started aric holmes photography {blog coming soon}! when we were in norman over labor day, we stopped by the tontz residence and aric took photos of their 3 adorable children: ellis, jeremiah + scarlett, as well as their labrador jessie.

be looking for more adorable photos when i post my 2010 holiday cards!


happy wednesday all! i’m in the midst of designing this year’s holiday cards! yup – i know it’s only the first of september but one must be prepared!! i love the holidays and i’m so excited to start some new designs for 2010! here’s a little inspiration i’m having lately…

one cannot go through the holiday without looking at anthropologie’s window displays. they are sheer heaven and i envy the person who has that job!

i’m loving these vintage ideas as well…

and last but not least, how can one forget the j.crew holiday catalog!

i’m hoping to get my cards done by the end of the month and up on the website, as well as here!! don’t forget to take a family photo in time for your holiday card!!